Automating Notifications With Pharmacy Customers

In the pharmacy, one of the most important things you have to do as you go about your day to day operations is to make sure you keep in touch with customers so they are able to know when their medications are ready to be picked up. Picking up the phone and making all of those calls can take a lot of time from you and your staff that could be spent doing better things. What if there was another way?

Thankfully, there is. With the help of digital rx software, it has never been easier to automate how you communicate with your customers and make your day just a little more efficient.

Don’t Worry About Picking Up the Phone

With the help of pharmacy software, you don’t need to worry about picking up the phone when it is time to let a customer know about the status of their medicine. Instead, you can rely on the help of one of two options:

·    An interactive voice recording that is able to call customers and let them know the status of their prescriptions automatically.

·    A system that is able to automatically notify customers about their prescription status via text message.

digital rx software

Alert Customers to All Kinds of Events

These notifications can do more than just let customers know when their medicines are ready, too. They can also alert customers to other happenings at the pharmacy, such as vaccine reminders, promotions at the pharmacy, and more.

If a customer needs reminded about something, you can count on your new software upgrades to be able to handle it for you.

Make Your Day Simpler

As you can see, enlisting the aid of automated pharmacy software can go a long way in revolutionizing how your pharmacy works. You can not only make your life and that of your staff easier, but you can even make your customers’ process a bit more convenient, and that can go a long way in keeping people returning to your pharmacy.